Our company offers a dynamic profit-generating solution that empowers musicians to capitalize on their existing fanbase. Through our innovative platform, artists can pre-release new songs or videos, provide exclusive content available only on our platform, and even craft captivating behind-the-scenes videos that resonate with their fans. We provide the technology, while musicians contribute the content and fans engage enthusiastically. Our platform introduces a seamless and novel approach for artists to establish an additional revenue stream and effectively monetize their social media presence.

Importantly, our concept is designed to complement rather than replace existing platforms. It acts as a fresh, intermediary step in the release process, introducing a potential new source of income. 

Tailored for artists with substantial and dedicated followings, we leverage digital artistry to curate captivating content and create personalized landing pages for artists to share with their fans. We expertly handle all sales and content delivery, accessible through a dedicated artist portal.

This innovative concept within the music industry fosters a more intimate connection between artists and their fans, while simultaneously offering an inventive means to monetize band content. The marketing of the ‘Digi-Merch’ landing page is under the control of the artist or their social media team. Notably, the quantity of content directly influences potential sales.

DMG’s business model centers around leveraging your existing social media presence and is not intended to replace traditional streaming platforms. We firmly believe that artists adopting our platform can establish a lucrative revenue stream that might not otherwise be attainable.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our substantial investment in the platform and partnerships with some of the brightest minds in technology.

Regardless of whether you choose to release a song or video, the level of creativity remains firmly in your hands. We are prepared to match that creativity with a range of alternate promotional products and concepts that are sure to elevate your engagement with fans.