Creating Digital Experiences

Creating ‘Digital Memorabilia’ that your fans can proudly display AND carry with them everywhere they go on their mobile devices. In addition to that, we have also partnered with Level Frames so that your fans can click one button and see their unique art in an endless variety of picture frames to order and have shipped to their homes. Pridefully hanging on their wall for all to admire.

The days of losing a favorite concert tshirt to a laundry mishap, or having your little sister or brother tear down your most cherished band poster from the wall are now over. No more calls from your parents that they cleaned out their basement and threw away your entire baseball card collection. Now the memorabilia lives on forever, on the blockchain. Just like the memory of your favorite concert. It is with you your entire lifetime. Even beyond and can be left to your heirs.

Our process is simple.

We meet with each new client and discuss a concept that is best fitting for them and their fans. We then have our art department design some rough proof of concepts to help stimulate the design conversation. In our experience, we can accomplish a lot in that initial one hour meeting, creating a solid foundation on which to work together for years to come.

Once the initial designs are selected, we move on to the next phase. We design a complete Ecommerce landing page where you will direct people towards for purchasing the art.

Everything is purchased with a credit card and once a purchase is completed an E-mail will get sent. In that E-mail are instructions on how to download a digital wallet that already contains their art. There is also a link to Level Frames that will allow them to simply select a frame size and have the image printed and shipped to their homes. Zero technical knowledge is needed on behalf of the customer. We have removed ALL of the technical hurdles. (We even offer a link to an FAQ on our website.)

Next, we meet with your social media team to discuss how to best position the new lines to your followers. DMG brings decades of marketing and sales to these conversations. We will work with you and your team to maximize experience and results.

We believe that DMG is the next evolution in Digital Memorabilia. Please reach out and let’s set up a time to talk.